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Have you noticed your brain and body not responding as well as they used to? Do you struggle with brain fog, forgetfulness, fatigue, joint pain, weight gain or belly fat or bloating?

If you’re ready to experience renewed vitality, weight loss and mental clarity then you may be ready to start an Anti-Aging lifestyle!

Skip wading through the confusing research or trying the next fad diet. No need to count calories or exercise endlessly. Get started quickly and easily on the road to health with my Anti-Aging toolkit! 

I’m Amy Love, a Registered Nurse, functional nutrition, and exercise consultant. I’ve found anti-aging benefits following a low-carb healthy fat lifestyle and would love to share my best tips in this toolkit so you, too, can find sustainable solutions on your journey back to optimal health and vitality, without all the guesswork. 


What to eat

What to avoid

When to eat

Bonus Materials

Printable reminders – to hang on your fridge.



Why do this?

Let’s talk about basics. What did our ancestors eat? Why did we stop eating as they did and what do we have to gain by returning to our roots.


How low do you need to go? 

The term “low carb” gets thrown around a lot. It can be hard to understand what type of low-carb diet could help you gain the results you want. The toolkit breaks it down with at-a-glance images and diagrams. No guess-work needed.


Ketones De-mystified

You’ve heard the term “ketones” and you may have heard all kinds of claims about what they can do for you. I de-mystify the ketone discussion to help you understand what they are and why they important for anti-aging.


What to Eat Guide

You’ll never have to guess whether something is ok to eat or not. I clarify what is nice to nosh on and what you’ll want to avoid with super-clear images and graphs. Hang them on your fridge as a quick reminder.


When to Eat

Intermittent fasting is central to an anti-aging diet. Our bodies were made to survive long periods without food. Never fear, this doesn’t need to be painful or scary. I’ll show you how to get started.

The Benefits



Mental Clarity


Emotional Stability


Improved Mobility


More Energy


Weight Loss & Fat Burning


Reduced Risk of Heart Disease


Protection Against Memory Loss


Tighter, younger looking skin


With Amy’s guidance, I have made changes to my diet and habits that have definitely had positive results. I am wearing pants I haven’t fit into for 15 years, and I am no longer dealing with nightly leg cramps and restlessness.

I don’t feel deprived and don’t spend time measuring or calculating calories. Amy is supportive, and lets you find your own way.



I connected with Amy after receiving a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. With the exception of joint stiffness and pain I didn’t feel bad or unwell. Amy suggested specific dietary changes to decrease my bodily inflammation. After a week of following her dietary suggestions I felt so much better, having more energy, less stiffness and pain which I had been attributing to aging. Amy helped me with modifying my diet to better suit my vegetarian preferences and responded quickly to all my questions and concerns with helpful information, suggestions and modifications. I have greatly benefited from her knowledge, expertise and caring nature.

Judith S.


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